Sustainable Energy Webinar


Date : 15th Oct 2021

Time: 03.00 pm IST

About the Webinar

Meeting the world’s need for energy a sustainable way is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. The global energy system, which is 85% based on fossil fuels, is responsible for over 70% of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. The burning of fossil fuels and biomass is a major contributor to air pollution, which causes an estimated 7 million deaths each year. More than 750 million people lack access to electricity and over 2.6 billion rely on polluting fuels such as wood or charcoal to cook.

Many experts estimate that we could run out of fossil fuels within the next 100 years, and burning other materials for energy, such as our own trash and trees, will only be able to take us so far.

The reason why using renewable energy sources is so important is that all nonrenewable sources harm the planet when they’re converted into energy, polluting the air and making the world a more difficult place to live for plants, animals, and humans alike. Air pollutants and smog hanging over our cities cause allergies, symptoms of asthma, breathing problems ,even lung diseases and cancer. Climate change, acid rain, and physical damage to the environment are also major negative impacts caused by our continued reliance on fossil fuels. 

In the past century, it has been seen that the consumption of non-renewable sources of energy has caused more environmental damage than any other human activity. Electricity generated from fossil fuels such as coal and crude oil has led to high concentrations of harmful gases in the atmosphere. This has in turn led to many problems being faced today such as ozone depletion and global warming. Vehicular pollution has also been a major problem.

Therefore, alternative sources of energy have become very important and relevant to today’s world. These sources, such as the sun and wind. They cause less emissions and are available locally. Their use can, to a large extent, reduce chemical, radioactive, and thermal pollution. They stand out as a viable source of clean and limitless energy.

Since an enormous amount of people around us are unaware about sustainability and how it helps change the world positively, We are organising a sustainable energy webinar to enlighten all those businesses who lack the knowledge of sustainability as their responsibility.

This webinar ‘ll cover all the details about sustainability from its past to its future.




The summit will consist of interesting web panel discussions, exclusive live fireside chats and engaging digital industry presentations. 



The summit will consist of interesting web panel discussions, exclusive live fireside chats and engaging digital industry presentations. 



Congregation of industry’s top-level executives and senior officials for knowledge sharing.


Hours of

Networking opportunity for solution and service providers with industry’s top decision makers via digital exhibition, public live chats and private one-on-one video chats.

Subjects of debate

  • Increasing problem of Global warming
  • Change in the Climatic conditions due to overutilization of resources
  • Unavailability and unequal distribution of resources
  •  Need for promotion of healthy industrialisation
  • High prices of foreign oil and alternatives of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Coal
  • Need of eco friendly automobiles for reduction of air pollution.
  • Need for provision of Electricity to rural people.
  • Effect on employment
  • Need of Govt cooperation
  • Education on sustainability as a solution to the arising crisis.
  • Deaths of children working as child labour due to dangerous chemicals present in non renewable resources.

Topics to be covered

Climate changes
Global warming
Promotion of Renewable resources
Production of Solar Energy, Bio energy, tidal energy etc.
Spread of knowledge about sustainable energy
Hydrogen Fuel cells
Use of bicycles
Promotion of car pooling and public transport.
Social welfare
Green banks
Energy strategy and Energy Efficiency.
International cooperation
Need of better infrastructure

Why attend?

Experience the world of sustainability through the webinar where we will discuss several topics and solutions for all the challenges faced by the wildlife creatures due to industries.  We have something planned for everyone, businessmen can learn the ways of the industry and methods to earn profits while keeping sustainability in mind while students can learn about the current hazards of the environment and how they can play a role in helping us achieve the ultimate goal of safe and eco-friendly clothing for all. 

The webinar will bring together animal activists so that they can bring forth their ideas and suggestions. It will be a very knowledgeable date about not only beauty but also the harms it causes to the environment in front of the industry experts. 

In the presence of the experts, get to learn about the functioning of the industry. From designers to producers to retailers, there is something for every field of business.

Learn more about how to run your business sustainably and also the challenges you might face. This can be an amazing opportunity for small businesses to learn from the experience of others and come up with plans they deem best.

This is an opportunity to know the exact statistics about how the animals are treated. Compare data about not just the animals but also inter-industry and how it is affecting the environment. Also, get to know the statistics of consumer reaction to sustainability.

Do not have any relation to the industry but still want to help? Do not worry because each individual can make their contribution to sustainability by regulating their consumer habits. Get to know the methods through the webinar.

Who should attend?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The registration link for the webinar is available on the event page along with all the information.

Yes, our webinar will be recorded.

The duration of the full webinar is 3-4 hours.

We will have specific Q&A slots throughout the duration of the webinar. You can raise any queries during this time and they will be addressed by the speaker.


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