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Sustainable Food and Agriculture event is coming to you on 18th - 19th Jan 2022. The event is an initiative that will provide the business world with a fresh perspective on how they can make their operations more ethical while also being profitable.

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Each year, more than 10 million hectares of agricultural land are lost to degradation, most of which occurs because of industrial farming. Agrochemicals have polluted rivers and aquifers. Agriculture and land-use change account for around one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions. In the last century alone, we’ve lost three-quarters of the world’s agricultural biodiversity. If that wasn’t bad enough, roughly one-third of all food produced goes to waste.

All these factors bring forward the need for Sustainable Agriculture in these times. If not today, it’ll be too late for us to repair the damage that we have been causing to our planet continuously for the past 100 years.

We believe in sustainability and the power it holds to make this world a better place to live. That's why we came up with the idea of holding an event for two of the most popular components of our economy i.e. food and agriculture.

Our event on Sustainable Agriculture and food would be an incredible opportunity for everyone to get a great abstract of knowledge and skills in the field of food and agriculture Through this event we aim to protect our environment through sustainability and its power to have an enormous impact on carbon footprint, climate change, water scarcity, land degradation, deforestation, and other processes.

In these two days, we would provide everyone with an amazing experience in the world of leading corporations.  The session will feature speakers who have made their businesses successful by implementing sustainable development practices. So if you want to be a part of one of the most influential sustainable events of the year, come join us and be the change for a brighter future

Event Highlights



The event will consist of fascinating discussions about sustainability, exclusive live fireside chats, engaging digital industry presentations, and one-to-one interactions.



The event will take place in the presence of 500+ Exhibitors who will share their experiences and vast knowledge with everyone attending the event be it virtually or in-person.



The event will consist of 4000+ attendees from all over the world who’ll get a once-in-a-lifetime experience through our event.


Hours of

Networking opportunity for solution and service providers with industry’s top decision-makers via digital exhibition, live exhibition, public live chats and private one-on-one video chats, and on-the-spot discussions.

Subjects to be Covered

  • Addressing supply chain problems & shortage of resources.
  • Strategies to increase system stability and appropriate sourcing.
  • Incorporate elements of the circular economy into your company plan.
  • Multi-stakeholder data and information sharing: Authenticity, accreditation, and disclosure
  • Techniques to prevent food waste and overproduction.
  • SDG2030 of the United Nations: Transforming objectives and outcomes into effective plans.
  • The effect of climate change on the bottom line.

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Why attend?​

Experience the world of sustainability through our 2-day event available both as a virtual and real-life experience, where we will discuss the benefits of Sustainability in the area of Food and agriculture. We have something planned for everyone. One can learn the ways of the industry and methods to earn profits while keeping sustainability in mind and attendees can learn about the current hazards of the environment and how they can play a role in helping us achieve the ultimate goal of safe and eco-friendly farming methods for all.

In the presence of the experts, get to learn about the functioning of the industry. From designers to producers to retailers, there is something for every field of business.

In the presence of the experts, get to learn about the functioning of the industry. From designers to producers to retailers, there is something for every field of business.

Learn more about how to run your business sustainably and also the challenges you might face. This can be an amazing opportunity for small businesses to learn from the experience of others and come up with plans they deem best.

This is an opportunity to know the exact statistics about how the sustainable industry works. Compare data about not just fashion and beauty but also the way it is affecting the environment. Also, get to know the statistics of consumer reaction to sustainability.

Do not have any relation to the industry but still want to help? Do not worry because each individual can contribute to sustainability by regulating their consumer habits. Get to know the methods through the event.

Our professionals would guide you and give a great amount of knowledge on how you can implement sustainable practices in your business.

The emerging startups and businesses would get an opportunity to get recognized among popular business establishments even before their foundation.

Who should Attend?

The executives and business leaders who can get the best out of our event are senior vice presidents, presidents, directors, Vice presidents, heads, and managers who work in the following fields:

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Client Photo
Sanjoy Ganguly

It was nice experience and really a good webinar on Sustainable Fashion.

- Sanjoy Ganguly

Client Photo
Priyanka Mandan

Thank you for such an informative session. Looking forward to the upcoming Webinars.

- Priyanka Mandan

Client Photo
Neha Singh

Business summits' Webinar on Sustainable Fashion was very informative kindly send ppt to me and for the next summit do inform me. Great work!

- Neha Singh

Client Photo
Deepa Kapoor

Session was very effective and great of knowledge.

- Deepa Kapoor

Client Photo
Kanishma Yadav

The session was very informative. The ppts used included very useful information for the designers.

- Kanishma Yadav

Frequently Asked Questions​

The registration link for the event is available on our webpage along with all the information. 

Yes, our events are recorded.

The duration of the full event is 6  hours for 2 days.

 The event would be hybrid, which means that it would be available both online and offline.

 You can register yourself as an attendee, sponsor, or exhibitor through our participation forms which are available above on the web page.

You can check the pricing of our packages by clicking on our pricing list.


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