Who are we?

Businessummits is an unsurpassed Event management company creating its own emerging summits. We believe in the power of collaborating and liaising with futuristic and modernistic minds from industries at multinational level. We also provide a range of marketing solutions ranging from mass to personal companies who are trying to get in touch with people from the same industry. Businessummits currently has a subscriber base of 1,50,000 senior level executives from different sectors.

Why Sponsor?

Networking Opportunities

Our platform focuses on connecting diverse corporate personalities. Webinars are an excellent method to interact and engage with people who propel your company to new heights of success. Our networking platform would thus help facilitate you in gaining exposure to numerous prospects that will undoubtedly be incredibly valuable to the future of your firm. Networking can thus help you grow your business and professionalism meanwhile also giving you a chance to invest in other ventures with whom you can enhance your business profile.

One to One Opportunities

The webinar would not only provide you and your organisation with the possibility to be recognized, but it would also provide you with the golden opportunity to have one to one meeting conversations with top tier personalities that might accelerate your startup or established business to achieve every goal. It can be a great way to gain valuable insights. Experience the moments filled with knowledge and mentorship from those who have performed them on their own and created multi million industries for the world to witness and praise.

Live Interaction

We hold web panel rounds and discussions for a table full of talented minds. The webinar would offer you a terrific experience to interact and ask questions from some of the renowned business personalities who can give you a guide to a better path of business while maintaining sustainability. Live encounters are the way of the future for the growth and absorption of abilities and needs. We have experts from every field who will help you gain more knowledge while interacting which will allow you to learn more knowledge as well as build your confidence.

Lead Generation

We leverage the power of social media and online marketing to reach a wider audience. By having a strong online presence and regularly sharing content that highlights the importance of sustainability in business, we attract potential leads. We also focus on targeted marketing and use data and analytics to identify companies and individuals that comply with our values which helps us to engage with our audience and build a strong community of like-minded individuals. This helps us to not only generate leads but also to create a sense of brand loyalty and advocacy among our followers.

Brand Visibility

By aligning your brand with our event, you will have the opportunity to connect with a highly engaged and motivated audience of sustainable business leaders and entrepreneurs. Our summits attract a diverse group of attendees from various industries, providing a platform for sponsors to showcase their products, services, and solutions to a wide range of potential customers and partners. Sponsoring our sustainable business summit is a great way to increase brand awareness and credibility while also demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

Visitor Analysis

We have a track record of delivering outstanding sessions in a variety of nations and career paths which has undoubtedly given many startups and businesses a field to rise and shine in the corporate world. With around 7+ knowledge sessions, 10+ industrial leaders, 150+ attendees and 5+ hours of networking time, we believe in providing quality to those who pick us to give them the knowledge to become future leaders. We assure you of an experience full of knowledge and ideas which will help you to become an articulate person for your business.



  • - 3 Delegate Participation
  • 20 Minutes of Speaking slot
  • 15 minutes speaking slots
  • - Exhibition Booth
  • - Video interview
  • - Social Media Promotion


  • - 4 Delegate Participation
  • - 30 Minutes of Speaking slot
  • - Exhibition Booth
  • - Video Interview
  • - 3 pre-arranged one on one meetings
  • - Social Media Promotion


  • - 2 Delegate Participation
  • - Exhibition Booth
  • - Social Media Promotion

Maximise Your Reach with Our Mass Marketing Solution Package

If you are targeting to get in touch with a large number of employees from your industry, our mass marketing solution package will work best for you. Promotions will be done in different forms which includes -


Your Handbook & product demonstrations will be shared to your MQL’s (identified by us) in the form of a newsletter via email.Our goal is to provide your MQLs with valuable information about your company services, while also encouraging them to take the next step and contact your company to learn more.

Media Partnerships

A press release will be published on our media partners' channels which will have all the information about your company & the product. This will help to generate interest and awareness among potential customers and partners, and can lead to new business opportunities and will give a wider reach.

Social Media Marketing

Since, Social media marketing plays a huge role in promoting any brand, we will share a social media marketing plan consisting of posts and videos of the product which will be shared across all social media platforms of Businessummits which include popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Email Marketing

Our e-mail marketing campaigns will be targeted to specific groups of potential customers and partners based on their interests and demographics. Our e-mail marketing campaigns will be sent to a targeted list of potential customers and partners, and will include calls to action that will encourage them to learn more about your company and your products and services.

Higher ROI

We showcase our sponsor branding in pre- and post-event email communications, engage attendees and collect qualified leads through sponsored surveys and contests. We also extend exhibitor profiles beyond just a booth and create listings that set our sponsors apart from the competition. By implementing these strategies, we can help our sponsors increase visibility, engagement, and lead generation, which ultimately results in higher ROI for them.

Personalised Marketing Solutions

Businessummits has come up with a series of events in partnership with CXO’s, Vice Presidents, Founders etc of Global Fortune 500 companies. This is for those of you who already know who your client is. This includes promoting webinars & events on media partners’ channels. After the event, we will share a recorded version of the webinar on our media partners’ channels.